Carcharhinus melanopterus

Spanish: Tiburón punta

(Not to be confused with Black Tip Shark)

The Blacktip Reef Sharkt has a short, bluntly-rounded snout oval eyes, and narrow-cusped teeth. There are 2 dorsal fins and no interdorsal ridge. The color of young blacktip reef shark is yellow-brown on the upper parts, and white on the belly. Adults are brownish-grey on the dorsal side, white on the ventral side. All fins have conspicuous black or dark brown tips, and posterior dark edges on the pectoral fins and the upper lobe of the caudal fin. The prominent black tip of first dorsal fin contrasts with a light band below it; a conspicuous dark band on flanks, extending to the pelvic fins. The black tips may fade with age.

The blacktip reef shark, is a smaller shark species measuring up to 1.8 m. and reaching a maximum body-weight of 24 kg.

For food, the blacktip reef shark prefers reef fishes, but it also feeds on stingrays, crustaceans, and molluscs.

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