Thunnus thynnus

Spanish: Atun de Aleta Azul

The Bluefin Tuna is characterized by its massive “tuna-like” body, widest at the pelvic fins, deep metallic blue back, silvery white lower sides and belly, rather small eye, and a long pointed head. The Bluefin Tuna has alternating colorless lines and rows of dots along its lower sides.

Its first dorsal fin is either yellow or blue; its second dorsal (which is taller than the first dorsal fin) is either red or brown; its anal fin and seven to ten finlets are yellow, edged in black; the caudal keel is black. The Bluefin Tuna has short pectoral fins and the anal fin begins behind the second dorsal fin

The Bluefin Tuna is found only along the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula, on the west coast and along the western Carribean on Mexico's east coast.

This tuna is found up to around 6 feet in length on the west coast with the Carribean version being smaller.

This species is initially caught via trolled feathers or jigs and then the bite is maintained on live anchovies or sardines with ample chum being used to keep the school in residence. They are viewed by locals to be a prized game fish that provides great bragging rights and excellent table fare.

It is found at all levels within the water column and even up to depths of 3,000 feet.



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