Lutjanus cyanopterus

English: cubera snapper, canteen snapper, cuban snapper, and gray snapper
Spanish: cuberta, pargo, pargo cabello, and pargo cubera

These fish are generally gray or dark brown with pale to dark gray sides. There may also be a slight reddish tinge on the body. There is a bluish tinge on the anal and ventral fins. The caudal fin is a light gray in color while the pectoral fins are translucent or gray.

Common weighing around 40 pounds (18 kg) and reaching lengths of 3 feet (90 cm), the cubera snapper may reach up to 125 pounds (58 kg) and 5 feet (6 m) in length. This snapper is easily the largest snapper occurring in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The cubera snapper is a popular game and food fish

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