Lutjanus jocu

English: dog snapper, dogtooth snapper, dogteeth snapper, dog's tooth snapper, dogteeth pargue, dogtooth parge, pargue, snuggletooth snapper, jocu, and snapper.
Spanish:  jocu parra, pargo, pargo jocu, pargo perro, pargo prieto, pargo rubio

Color brown with a bronze tinge, lighter on sides; canine teeth very sharp, one pair notably enlarged, visible even when mouth is closed; in adults, pale triangle and a light blue interrupted line below the eye; no dark spot on body underneath dorsal fin.

With an average length of 24 inches (60 cm), the adult dog snapper may reach a maximum length of 30 inches (74 cm). The maximum weight known for this snapper is 30lb.

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