Caranx hippos

English: crevalle jack, black cavalla, blacktailed trevally, caballi, cabalo, common jack, couvalli jack, crevelle jack, green jack, horse crevalle, horse mackerel, horse-eye jack, kingfish, trevally, and yellow cavalli
Spanish: caballa, cavalla, chumbo, cocinero

The crevalle jack has a body depth of about three times its fork length. It has large eyes. The chest is scaleless except for a small patch of scales in front of the pelvic fins. This patch is apparent by the time the fish reaches a fork length of 0.98 inches (2.5 cm). The crevalle jack is the only jack in the western Atlantic Ocean with this patch of scales. There is an oval black spot on the pectoral fins; this appears at about 4.72 inches (12.0 cm).

The crevalle jack is greenish-bluish or bluish-black above and silvery white to yellowish or golden below. This serves to blend in with the water from a predator searching from above, and to blend with the sunlight from a predator hunting from below. There is an oval, black spot on the pectoral fins. 

 It is an important sport fish, and is exploited throughout its range. It is the most common large jack caught.

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