Sphyraena idiastes

Spanish: Aguja, Baracuda, Barracuda, Barracuda pelícano, Picuda, Picuda pelícano.

The Pelican Barracuda has a long head with a long pointed snout with a large mouth that has a longer lower jaw with the mouth ending just before the eyes.

A key to identification of this fish species is that the pectoral fins are short, being 31 to 33 percent of the head length and they have 13 rays. The Pelican Barracuda has gray fins with dark edges and the pelvic fins originate well behind the pectoral fins and under the first dorsal fin. The caudal fin is deeply forked.

The Pelican Barracuda is most likely confused with the Cortez Barracuda,Sphyraena lucasana (pectoral fins with 16 rays; 160 to 170 smooth scales along the lateral line), and possibly the Mexican Barracuda, Sphyraena ensis(pelvic fins originating under pectoral fins).

The Pelican Barracuda is a coastal pelagic species found in the first 75 feet of the water column in and around reefs. It reaches a maximum length of three feet. It has a limited distribution, being reported only in waters off the coast of Peru until the catch documented below by Mexican fishermen.

Pelican barracuda grow to 91cm and are often found in large to very large schools.


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