Leiostomus xanthurus

English: Spot, flat croaker, golden croaker, silver gudgeon, goody, chub, roach, jimmy, spot croaker.
Spanish: Croca.

A moderately deep-bodied, compressed fish with an elevated back.  Body color is typically bluish-gray dorsally, fading to golden yellow or yellow-tan ventrally.  A set of 12 -15 dark streaks run obliquely from  the dorsal surface down the sides to about mid-body.  These tend to fade with age.  Fins are typically pale yellow in color.  The head is short, with a small, inferior mouth.  The maxilla extends to approximately the middle of the eye.  The dorsal fin is continuous, with a notch separating the spinous portion from the soft rays.

Spot grows to approximately 11 inches total length.

  Their flesh is excellent and can be fried fresh or after being stored in salt. The flesh is soft and has a good flavor; they are known as very good panfish. 

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