Galeusaleocerdo cuvier

English:  Miller's Dogs, Oil Sharks, Penny Dogs, School Sharks, Snapper Sharks, Soupfins, Southern Topes, Sweet Williams, Tiburons, Topers.
Spanish: aceitero

The tope shark is a large, slender houndshark, with a long snout and large mouth. The first dorsal fin is much larger than the second dorsal. The second dorsal fin is located nearly over the anal fin and is of approximately the same size. This same-sized dorsal and anal fin measurement along with the large terminal caudal tab which extends about half the length of the dorsal caudal margin distinguishes this shark from other houndsharks.

The maximum reported size for this shark species is 6.3 feet (193 cm) total length for a male specimen and 6.4 feet (195 cm) total length for a female. The maximum published weight of the tope shark is 98.5 pounds (44.7 kg).

Tope sharks, are a widely distributed shark. They are common in the eastern Pacific from British Columbia to southern Baja California and the Gulf of California in Mexico.

The tope shark provides a good fight when hooked, giving anglers a challenge.


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