Haemulon plumieri

English: White grunt, black grunt, boar grunt, common grunt, flannelmouth grunt, gray grunt, grunt, Key West grunt, redmouth grunt, ruby red lips, and white snapper.
Spanish: Bocayate blanco, bococolorado, boquicolorado, cachicata, coro coro margariteno, gorette blanche, hemulon arara, jolle cocoon, roncadot, ronco blanco, ronco grande, ronco margariteno, ronco-ronco, and sard grise.

The body is moderately elongate, with an elevated and compressed back. The head is long with a sharp snout. Dorsal and anal fins of the white grunt are completely covered with scales. The caudal fin is forked and the pectoral fin long and falcate. The scales above the lateral line are larger than those scales located below the lateral line.

The white grunt is silvery white to cream-colored, the head is bronze to yellow dorsally while the ventral side of the head and belly is white. There is a series of dark blue stripes on the head, margined with yellow-bronze running back into the body. Each scale's margin is bronze and the posterior edge is often gray. 

Commonly reaching lengths of 17 inches (45 cm) and weights of 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg), the white grunt is not a large fish. The maximum reported length is 18 inches (46.0 cm) and weight is 9.7 pounds (4.38 kg).

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